About Baariq

Commitment for Excellence Quality


We Live To Save Nature

The Art of leading a company to success lies in the ability to convert visions into high Quality, customer oriented products with a powerful combination of skills and resources,that provide a platform for developing quality medicines in today's rapidly changing health care environments.


Our company is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, specialized in production and marketing of high Quality medicines. By using modern technology and top class equipment in the process of pharmaceutical production, we have succeeded in manufacturing best Quality Products.


Our portfolio of achievements includes the production of Dry Powder (Water Soluble), Solutions, Suspensions, and Liquid Injections.


We believe in conscious production by means of technology, facilities and systems. In our view, it is a basic perquisite to deliver a high Quality product. BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS possesses an excellent production infrastructure and it has created effective systems and built committed teams of professionals, which ensure that BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS is fully prepared and ready to successfully take over to the challenges of the future.


BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS has more than 200 skilled professionals working in the Production Unit and at the head office, inclusive 100 of Sales & Marketing Force. The distribution network is spread all over Pakistan with a professional team of distribution personnel.


BAARIQ PHARMACEUTICALS has the privilege of winning the trust. We are providing the best of our skills and devotion to the Live Stock so that we are able to improve the nature by our best of services.