Type: Water Soluble Powder


Each 1000gm Powder Contains.
Oxytetracyclin HCI (B.P)---------------300 gm
Neomycin Sulphate(B.P))----------------250 gm
Colistin Sulphate(B.P)-----------------500 gm

Oxytetracycline: Its broad—spectrum bacteriostatic ag— ent against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, mycoplasma, richer ttsiae and certain large viruses. Oxyte— tracycline is very effective against cere tain diseases of poultry and livestock.

Neomycin: It is an antibiotic from the Aminoglycoside group, with bactericidal activity against gram negative bacteria. It does this by causing the bacteria to produce defective proteins which are essentials for theis growth.

Colistin Sulphate: Colistin belongs to polymixin of antibacterials. It is cantionic, Polypeptidec antibiotic, bactericidal action effective against gram Negative.


Poultry: CRD, Fowl, Cholera, bacterial enteritis colibacillosis Synovitis, Omphalitis septicaemia and early chicks mortality. .

Dosage and Administration:

Prevention: lgm in 8 liter of drinking water.
Treatment: lgm in 4 liter of drinking water


1- Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
2- Keep away from the reach of Children.
3- Protect from direct sunlight.

Withdrawal Time:
Meat:---- Milk:----

Pack Size: 500gm, 1000gm,

Pakistan Registration No:073952