Type: Drench


Each ml Contains.
Triclabendazole (BP Vet)----------------5gm
Leamisole (BP Vet)----------------3.75


Animal: Triclabendazole & Levamisole is indicated for the treatment of haemonchus, Ostertagia, T.Axei, Gut worms like trichostrongylus, Cooperia, Mernatodirus, Bonostomum, Gaigeria, Chabertia, Oesophagos-Tomum and Lung worms Dictyocaulus as well. As all form of liver Flukes infections early immature, mature and adult stages of fasiola, Hepatica and Fasiola gigantica in sheep and goats .

Dosage and Administration:

Oral administration and liquid can be used through most drenching guns.
(Cattle/Buffaloes):70ml per 350kg body weight.
(Horses/Camel):100ml per 400kg body weight.
(Calves):40ml per 200kg body weight.
(Sheep/Goats):12ml per 60kg body weight.


1- Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
2- Keep away from the reach of Children.
3- Protect from direct sunlight.

Withdrawal Time:
Meat: 28 days. Milk: 7 days.

Pack Size: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Pakistan Registration No: 080153